Key Holder for belt

Hello! Now we will make a key hanger for belt. Of course, you can use it for anything you like, for example knife or “kuksa” a Finnish hand carved wooden coffee mug 🙂


Starting up

So it starts with the selection and cutting of the leather. I have made these key holders already before, so I have a cardboard pattern for this job. A suitable waste piece of vegetable tanned cow leather is cut and the hole positions are marked. The ends are rounded by using the curved cutting tool.


When everything is cut and the holes are punched, you can switch to the next stage, i.e. riveting. Remember to put the carbine hook into place before you start riveting!


The final step includes burning the Moikuna logo on the back side and treating the holder with leather grease. Ready!

Regards Pasi-Moikuna

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