New Project. Lens cover, Part 1

Last week I visited Hessu and he took some wet plate photographs of me, and it came to my mind that we had a talk about making a new lens cover for him. The old one started to be a little bit of tired cardboard and tape tuning that had seen the world…

So I took the dimensions on the lens at that time, and it was big… The diameter was 142 mm! The depth of the guard, up to 44 mm, before the shoulder on the tube.

Today I checked my stocks to see what kind of suitable materials were available. From there I picked up a 40 millimeter wide split leather strap and some black cow hide. The lens cap slowly began to take shape in my thoughts.

  • So, first I cut two pieces from the strap, one 452 mm and another 446 mm long.
  • The two straps I glued together to form a ring with a rigid shape. As a glue I used just normal wood, paper, leather glue.
  • I let it dry in peace for a few hours, clamps on.

That was moikuna blog, lens cover part 1.

Project is on the way….we will continue when the glue has dried 😉

Regards, Pasi


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