Logo Burning

It was some time ago, when I noticed that my loose-letter logo, or mostly the MOIKUNA text, was a bit too tedious to brand products. In addition, it was too big for small products, and maybe did not look so nice on all the products. I had been studying the Internet for different ways to carry out stamping and comparing the costs 🙂 Finally, I came to the conclusion that the burned logo would be the quickest and simple method to brand stuff.

So the aim was to have a small (approx. 20 mm wide) Moikuna logo brass CNC-machined and a suitable electric heater. I had already chosen a foreign supplier for the package when, by chance, I was able to make the purchase as joint venture with another workshop and best of all, from a Finnish supplier! Great surprise and when the price was quite competitive, the purchase was made from there.

In a few weeks time, a new, rugged logo and heating element already arrived and the testing started. Already at the beginning of the acquisition, I got some tips from the other workshop’s guys that it would be good to have a temperature adjustment when the target of the label is leather. Otherwise, it would be quite difficult to control the duration of the burn. Fortunately, it was found that an ordinary wall-socket dimmer would be a convenient temperature regulator! It was found at a great price from local hardware store.


So, then it was time for some testing! At first, I tried different burning times and heat settings with various types of leathers. Very soon I noticed that getting the pattern straight and each time with a similar strength was totally impossible… What to do now? It even felt more difficult and slower than the earlier methods I had been using. After some planning and studying I got a solution: I needed a bracket to which it could be attached and which could also be used in a controlled manner?? Then it came to me! The poor man’s column drill, where you can attach a standard drilling machine and use it with a separate handle. This proved to be a good and inexpensive solution. Now, after some small presets, I was able to burn a whole lot of the same product quickly and in a uniform way. In addition, I can still use the branding iron separated if it is needed to stamp bigger products.

The whole branding system came to cost about €150 for me and I got a package that would bend to a variety of uses. So thats all for now,



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