Linnaniemi Medieval Fair 2018

Hi everybody !

It’s time to look back before going on….

First a little story about the Medieval event In Linnaniemi at Ristiina.


This was the first medieval fair of the summer. As soon as we became aware of the event, it was clear that we were going there. This was also the first medieval event ever that Moikuna would participate!

Weather was sunny and beautiful all day. Crowd started to arrive at a steady pace and everyone seemed to have a nice and relaxed mood 🙂

The event was successful, both for the organizer, as well as for our perspective. The visitor goal was exceeded many times and the arrangements went smoothly. The event will have continuation also this year, thats great! Come and enjoy the wonderful surroundings and the medieval atmosphere with your family!

See you at Linnaniemi 15.6.2019

Regards Pasi/Moikuna

2 thoughts on “Linnaniemi Medieval Fair 2018

    1. Hi! It was held in summer because in winter we have three feet snow and below zero temps here 🙂

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