Lens cover, Part 2

Time to move on

Well, here again and a little bit more progress… After making the circle, I cut a round piece of leather into a “lid”. It was glued into place and the edges rounded off with a sandpaper.

When the glue had dried out, I cut a round piece of thin brown leather, which was designed to be enough to cover the inside of the sleeve if necessary. This leather was put in water to soften it for about an hour, followed by an exciting stage, namely leather insertion and stretching it over the hull.

It would be best to cut a wooden disc that just fits in to the cover, where you can staple the stretched leather conveniently to dry.

Next morning…

Once the leather has dried out properly, the rivets can be removed and trim the excess leather away. Here you have to choose whether or not to reach the bottom of the inside of cover or to leave the edge up. In fact, I decided to leave the edge up, because the cap is getting pretty tight and after fitting you can add a fabric or velvet if needed.

Now the cover already looks better! These rear edge wrinkles can be evened out by cutting off the excess and positioning the edges evenly. After this, I soaked the edge with water again and put the cover under a pressure.

When the border had settled down, I glued it and put it under pressure again.

The edge of the surface leather is dyed with a dark brown dye and some clear edge dye so it does not start to tear up so easily.

At this point I thought that the inside looked so good that it didn’t need to have the second round leather piece I originally cut but was allowed to remain on this surface.

Next time I will be using spray glue, because It`s a bit hard to get this wood glue evenly on the surface. It comes thru here and there, but in this case it just adds this “vintage” feeling for the cover.

Final stages

Finally, I made a sign with the name of the studio and fastened it in place with two rivets. Then just had plenty of leather grease on the surface and my first leather lens cover is ready to go 🙂

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