Leather cuff, Sun Ray Special

Hi there!  Time to do some work again 😉

A friend of mine asked me if I could make a special modified leather cuff for him and of course I was ready for the task. It was going to be a version of my Sun Ray cuff, which has a traditional and simple hand tooled pattern. Here I will go thru some phases of this project with you.


Stage 1

Cut some leather strap from veg tanned top grain leather. In this case a 19 cm long and 30 mm wide piece, from a 2,5 mm thick leather. I used a rounded cutter for the endings and beveled the edges nice and smooth.





Stage 2

Next step is to make holes for the lacing and after that it`s time to dampen the leather and make the patterns. First did the edges with a adjustable creasing tool and after that the actual pattern. In this one I used two different stamping tools.





Stage 3

Allright, now we can burnish the edges with a burnishing tool using water and some soap for the first round and after that using bees wax. When the edges are done, it`s time to dye the leather, in this case with tan and black dyes.





Stage 4

After the dye has dried about ten minutes it`s time to do the finishing touches:

  • burn my logo on the backside
  • rub it over with some leather grease
  • lace it up 

And there it is, a Sun Ray leather cuff by Moikuna 🙂





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